AEserver opened its doors in 2005. It is a UAE based startup that was boosted by its present proprietor from a room and with a solid vision to change the meaning of space name recruitment and web facilitating industry in the UAE.

Well, the owner did not think about the ultimate fate of UAE and Dubai to be precise. Amongst the time of 2005-2008, Dubai saw a development flare, with various firms settling here and beginning their business. They all expected to enroll their national space name, the spot AE and in addition have the site and offer email access to their representatives. This is the place AEserver has picked up its worth.

Back in the days, an individual or element that required a space name needed to experience the printed material and strict controls to acquire an area name through the in those days monopolist enlistment center: UAEnic (etisalat). AEserver went about as a medium between the registrants and the power, to enroll, recreate and deal with the area names.

In 2007, the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) has chosen to build up another body, called the .ae area organization (aeDA) – the registry which would go about as the sole allowing power to certify the future .ae enlistment centers that would get to be independent organizations that would use their own abilities, showcasing and assets to simplify create and draw in potential clients to the .AE namespace.

We have land organizations, online shops, organization sites and intranets, individual sites and so on! Hard work leads to success.






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